Hangin' On

Perhaps you have noticed the seasonally abnormal appearance of many Oriental maples (AKA Japanese maples). I am referring to the tan-brown leaves still attached to many central Indiana specimens past New Year's Day. But do you know why they are still attached? Allow me to tell you and to explain what additional (after the fact) impact this could have on the plants. The why (the cause) was an extreme low temperature on November 12. The thermometer plunged to 8 degrees F--the earliest fall date the temperature has reached single digits in Indianapolis. Only a month earlier the temperature had been in the mid 80s. Since the fall color change was also late, the record cold killed the leave

Rant of the Month

Unfortunately, most people know little about gardening and environmental issues including many "professionals" employed to choose, install and maintain plants and design landscapes. This page highlights specific issues with commentary on remedy or recommendation for course of action. Examples are numerous and easy to find -- rarely requiring me to travel far from home.  Hopefully, these postings will make the task of finding examples more difficult.  I will occasionally also post outstanding and approved examples in an effort to educate.