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Garden Tour at Mad Botanist's (June 2019)
Garden Tour at Mad Botanist's (June 2019)

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Weed Class at Soules Garden (July 2019)
Weed Class at Soules Garden (July 2019)

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Noblesville (IN)
Noblesville (IN)

Madison Co Master Gardeners Annual Symposium (2017)

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Garden Tour at Mad Botanist's (June 2019)
Garden Tour at Mad Botanist's (June 2019)

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One-on-One Landscape and Garden Consulting 


Want Qs answered -- get my book, schedule a consult or take one of my classes

You should not expect free advice. I am a business

Payment is expected at the time of the consultation

The consultation usually includes, but is not limited to:

  • Plant Identification

  • Cultivation Techniques (esp pruning)

  • Habitat Assessment (including soil and drainage)

  • Ornamental and Food Plants

  • What to Avoid

  • Purpose, Planning, Preparation, Priority and Patience

  • Design

  • Resources​​


The Mad Botanist is an experienced educator and lecturer, noted for his forthright discourse and sarcastic humor

Base speaking fee for central Indiana is $200

My minimum for a PowerPoint presentation is $400

I rarely do more than one speaking engagement a month


  •  Gardening in General (Q & A) not a PP presentation, but all the others can be

  •  Gardening Under the Influence (of Myths)

  •  Gardening with Native Plants

  •  Bryophytes & Gardening with 'Mosses'

  •  Best Fragrant Plants for the Midwest Garden

  •  Fungi in the Garden: Sometimes Problematic or Food, but also a way to Healthier Plants

  •  Soil, Compost, Mulch & Fertilizer

  •  Vegetable Gardening & An Edible Landscape

  •  My Favorite Shrubs for the Midwest

  •  Midwest Trees – the Good and the Bad

  •  Gardening with Conifers

  •  Invasive Species: Strategies for Control and Removal

  •  Plants You Should Not Want on Your Property, or Anywhere Nearby

  •  Gardening with Limitations/Restrictions

  •  Common Gardening Mistakes

  •  Magnificent Flowers: All About Sex

  •  The Truth About Pollinators: Best Plants & Practices

  •  The Amazing Carrot Family (Apiaceae)

  •  Lichens and Living Alone

  •  Foraging: Best Wild Foods of the Midwest (Culinary Delights)

  •  Beverage Plants in the Landscape

  •  Weeds & Weeding

  •  Weather & Climate as They Relate to Gardening

  •  XMAS Botany & Gardening: Inside & Out

  •  How to Grow Ericoids (Rhodos, Blueberries, etc.) in the Midwest

  •  Autumn Gardening & Preparing for Winter

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