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Rantings of a Mad Botanist

A Comprehensive Guide to Gardening and Land Use Practices Emphasizing Central Indiana

The 456-page book is organized into 106 mostly short, topic specific chapters/essays with extensive cross-referencing and indexing. This sturdy hardcover offers candid, insightful and succinct explanations emphasizing trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials, and covers manly topics rarely addressed, but practically nothing on indoor ornamentals. A read will reduce the likelihood of expensive and time-consuming missteps. However, it is not a typical gardening book (i.e., DOES NOT feature page after page of color photos -- aka plant porn -- to entice the gullible). The intent is for the book to be complemented with Internet images. The text also contains a healthy smattering of environmental, historical and social commentary as well as some culinary advice.


While the plants selections are tailored to the prevailing climatic conditions and physiography of central Indiana, they also apply to adjacent regions, especially east and west. Much of the remaining information is applicable regardless of geographic location.  

Ranting of a Mad Botanist

$45.00 (retail - sales tax incl.) + (if applicable) shipping & handling

                 7 3/8 x 10 1/4, 456 pages, 3.2 lbs, hardcover only


"Why didn't you write this book 30 years ago when I REALLY needed it? Think how much time and money I could have saved. It should be at every nursery and garden center in the central Midwest."

- Dr. Terri Park, Westfield

"It is the kind of book I would read through at least twice: once for pure joy and again for the content. Even the chapter topics were intriguing."

- Tricia Scott, Zionsville

"Filled with practical, honest, tested and true help covering almost any topic you will tumble across in your outdoor garden yourself years of wasted time, money, and frustration as you learn to choose the correct plant and planting technique the FIRST time."

- Carol Emmert, Anderson

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