I highly recommend an assessment from Bill (The Mad Botanist) before beginning any landscape or gardening work on your property. Even if you plan to hire contractors to do the work, have Bill assess your project first. You will have a better understanding of what is possible and how it should be done. You will also save money and time by avoiding unnecessary work and expensive mistakes. Bill started his assessment of my property by asking a lot of questions and listening carefully to what I was trying to accomplish. He helped me brainstorm solutions to landscaping problems including drainage, light, and soil conditions. He is an expert at matching plants to specific sites through both his scientific knowledge and gardening experience. He assessed my existing plants for health and placement and offered creative options for new plantings. He advised me on what work I could do myself and how to do it, but he also pointed me to good contractors for things I did not want to do or could not do.  I saved over $1000 on tree work by using a contractor he recommended! Whether doing your own work or hiring contractors, have Bill help you think through your project first. His assessment fee is a steal for the knowledge, ideas, and savings you will gain from his visit.

CHRISTY J, NE Indy  (May 2019)




I recently had the pleasure of hearing Bill McKnight (The Mad Botanist) speak at a local garden club meeting. The presentation (Common Gardening Mistakes) was entertaining and informative. Subsequently, my husband and I were inspired to hire him to do a garden consultation (an assessment) of our property. Two other garden consultants had recommended that chemicals should be our primary source for eradicating Asian honeysuckle and wintercreeper, so we were intrigued to hear from Bill and his more organic (mechanical) approach to managing invasive plant species. Bill walked the property with us taking time to identify plants, demonstrate his favorite tools and preferred methods, and answer our many questions. Bill is a wealth of plant knowledge and tells it like it is. We purchased his book which has also been invaluable. After only a few months and with the help from a small group of volunteers, we’ve been able to manually remove nearly an acre’s worth of the unwanted species -- WITHOUT chemicals. Bill continues to be a great resource to us and is there to remind us that “gardening is a process.”  He even brought a treat for our cat! 


ANONYMOUS, Indy Eastsider  (Feb 2020)