About Bill

Bill (aka Buck or The Mad Botanist) is a professionally trained botanist and experienced gardener.  He is comfortable dealing with flowering plants and cryptogams (i.e., fungi, lichens, ferns and particularly bryophytes) as well as ornamental and food plant issues.  He has an extensive ethnobotanical background and understands the peculiarities presented by central Indiana climate and soil, both in natural and human influenced environs.  Bill was a curator for 10 years (Illinois Natural History Survey and Indiana State Museum) and taught high school biology for 15 years.  For over three decades he has directed the special publications program for the Indiana Academy of Science, supervising the production and marketing of numerous books (e.g., Orchids of Indiana, The Sunflower Family in the Upper Midwest and the monumental Flora of the Chicago Region).  He recently wrote and self-published Rantings of a Mad Botanist, a 450-page 106-chapter book intended to help gardeners and property managers make fewer mistakes (save money, time and failed specimens).  The book emphasizes central Indiana, native and invasive species as well as other land use practices.  He lives and gardens on a three-acre property on the northeast side of Indianapolis.  

PHOTO: paired with a 32-year-old dawn redwood

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