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Tel:  317-205-5440


You can also contact me by text, snail mail or in person visit. Oops, forgot telepathy and message in a bottle :) See also EVENTS & CLASS. I receive so many scam calls I may not answer unless I recognize the caller.
Perhaps also occasionally standing in my yard yelling at the world, but never on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter/X, et cetera. Did not need them back then, do not need them now, but I did post a few sedge symposium videos on YouTube.
A friend suggested I should connect more using group messaging. I gave it a hard think. My conclusion, I do the Mad Botanist thing to help promote plants and better gardening, not to get popular. So, other than the monthly rant announcement to subscribers, I will continue to rely on grapevine PR rather than cluttering your inbox. Should you need info or help, you know where to find me.
        The Mad Botanist
        4601 E 65th Street
        Indianapolis, IN  46220
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