(new feature started 1/2021)


  • The damage (drooping and brown branch tips) from cicada ovipositing will continue to be obvious

  • Mow higher -- the lawn will be lusher, and doing so will make it harder for the weeds to establish and prosper -- give what a "good" lawn is a think

  • Fall behind with mowing?  Don't try to catchup with one cut

  • Weed, before they flower and produce seed

  • It was a wet June so expect more problems with foliar fungal issues

  • Starting to look like we might have a particularly dry August. Do not neglect watering of recently plants specimens -- fewer and deeper penetrating is better

  • Be ever vigilant for unwanted woodies -- easier to remove when small and the ground is soft. Another reason to take learn how to identify woody plants in winter

  • Be especially careful when the weather is severe

  • If you intend to do a fall planting of vegetable crops, need to have the seeds available by the end of mid August, and need to have them germinating by early Sept