(new feature starting 1/2021)


  • Time to do the winter prune of your wisteria (all the stingy leaders and the branches back to 2-3 buds) WHY? In order to promote flowering, which wisteria is often reluctant to do. Like many vines (e.g., grapes) wisteria will flower and fruit better when heavily pruned

  • When there is no covering of snow and the ground is not frozen, look for and pull all the evergreen invasive wintercreeper you can find; while you are at it also consider getting rid of the ivy and Japanese honeysuckle -- both also aggressive woody non-native evergreens that can overwhelm landscaping and natural areas 

  • Enjoy the naked look (the architecture); see the rant of the month (Silhouetting)

  • Good time to consider doing some pruning but NOT of living tissue for anything that flowers in the spring (i.e., on old wood)

  • Consider the wildlife -- food and shelter. Living can be difficult.

  • Dream, read, prepare & heal