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Lawn Boy Landscape

Not sure where to begin here. I get what was trying to be done but, NO! (1) the plants (boxwoods) should have been actually planted, (2) the grass below should have been removed, not simply mounded over, (3) this species is a slow-growing evergreen that will take years to be large enough to adequately block, (4) . . . . Another prime example of what you frequently get from a lawn maintenance person with no plant or gardening expertise. And this was not inexpensive - the owner paid well over $1,000 for plants and labor. Many people choose grasses for this purpose but there are inherent problems with this as I point-out in my book. A better choice is often a decorative fence (immediate gratification, does not get bigger, does not need to be watered, cannot die, etc.) possibly with an embellishing plant(s). Certainly, you would want to make an 811 call (utility marking) beforehand.

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