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Taking a Break

Sometimes you just have to get away. The activities in the garden in early summer are numerous. Hectic is a good descriptor. And frankly I needed some peace. There is so much meanness in the air (have you watched the news recently?) as well as a common inability/unwillingness to distinguish fact from opinion. The last thing we needed at this time was another acerbic rant from The Mad Botanist. Fact v. opinion is a theme I harp on in my book. It applies to gardening just as much as to life in general, and certainly to politics. However, you can be certain that I will be back. It is my nature to stir the pot, call it as I see it, and let the chips fall where they may. I used the time off to chill, drink a few adult beverages (medicine) and to give the situation a think. I have an especially intriguing low tech blog concept up my sleeve you may want to learn about. Stay tuned.

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