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Not as Good as You Might Think

This landscape job was done by "professionals." They obviously DO NOT know plants AND/OR were trying to build the bill for the trusting homeowner. It looks tidy and finished now, but will rather quickly be screwed up. Each of the junipers (the golden shrub in the photo) will get the width of the bed (12 feet across) or bigger, since no woody plant stop growing unless dead or dormant. There is not mature (maximum) size. I have a similar cultivar in my yard two blocks away. It started the same size and is 3 feet tall and 8 feet wide after just 4 years. Never mind the fact the spruce (the larger conifer) will encroach/compete with the juniper for space. These professionals (mis)used (i.e., misplaced) paniculate hydrangeas just out of sight in the same bed. I have seen other work by the same local company. They do not know plants, but that is true of most landscapers. Caveat emptor.

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