Burning Bush

The exotic burning bush (Euonymous alatus) is one of the most commonly planted large shrubs. Note that even the compact forms get at least 10 feet tall -- no woody plants stop getting bigger until they die or are pruned, and pruning can spoil a specimen and stimulates more growth. While burning bush is glorious for a couple of weeks in late fall, and the winged stems are interesting after the leaves drop, it is also INVASIVE. In fact, it has been banned from commerce in several states. The one shown above in 2014 (red on left side) that I inherited in my yard is in full color display. The specimen had been planted decades earlier and was nearly 20 feet wide and close to 15 feet tall wit

Rant of the Month

Unfortunately, most people know little about gardening and environmental issues including many "professionals" employed to choose, install and maintain plants and design landscapes. This page highlights specific issues with commentary on remedy or recommendation for course of action. Examples are numerous and easy to find -- rarely requiring me to travel far from home.  Hopefully, these postings will make the task of finding examples more difficult.  I will occasionally also post outstanding and approved examples in an effort to educate.