MAINTENANCE: PROCESS NOT AN EVENT - Gardens/landscapes require ongoing maintenance. There is no such thing as a zero maintenance plant or landscape. The above example was a beautifully conceived and executed little blue stem and Russian sage bed backdropped by serviceberry at the entrance to a new apartment complex. Unfortunately, yet another example of install and walk away, with the area being overrun with woody invaders and thistle within a year. The thistle produced hundreds of thousands of seeds and will be in the soil seed bank for years to come. The woody plants (grey dogwood and smooth sumac) are native and potentially nice ornamentals in their own right, but not here.

Rant of the Month

Unfortunately, most people know little about gardening and environmental issues including many "professionals" employed to choose, install and maintain plants and design landscapes. This page highlights specific issues with commentary on remedy or recommendation for course of action. Examples are numerous and easy to find -- rarely requiring me to travel far from home.  Hopefully, these postings will make the task of finding examples more difficult.  I will occasionally also post outstanding and approved examples in an effort to educate.